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Fractal Advertising Agency operates on numerous

European markets and is focused on designing

and manufacturing all kinds of marketing,

merchandising materials, in particular

for corporate Clients from beauty industry.

About us
Fractal logo
Fractal logo

Fractal Advertising Agency operates on numerous European markets and is focused on designing and manufacturing all kinds of marketing and merchandising materials, in particular for corporate clients from beauty industry.


Besides having a team of graphic and spatial designers, photographic studio and interior design department we also pride ourselves on a highly developed internal production department which lets us provide the shortest possible production time and quality control at each stage of production process.


Aware of Corporate Social Responsibility, we face new challenges every day, bearing in mind social interests and environmental protection as well as relations with various Stakeholder groups.


High quality of the products, flexibility of our team and professional advice – these are the factors that our Customers appreciate the most.

Scope of activity








Fractal Advertising Agency is primarily People. People who despite their goals, are able to stop and can see problems of today’s world. They are not indifferent to what is happening around them and take an active part in social activities, especially local ones.

Fractal is a place full of people involved in interpersonal relationships, caring for the environment and running a business in a conscious and responsible way.


Since 2018, we have been working in the SA8000 standard. Our policy is available here. Functioning in the SA8000 standard helps us in transparent activities and continuous self-improvement, which is valued by our Stakeholders.

We are happy to take actions that aim to improve. Any person who notices the discrepancy, the possibility of improvement or wants to share their observations, please contact us by sending a message to Each request is confidential, impartial and counteracts retaliation.

We make every effort to ensure that the advertising agency Fractal is perceived as a socially responsible place, loyal to employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders, and stands out for its high business culture.


Our current social activities

> Commitment to the revitalization of local, historic buildings – renovation of the manor house which history began in the 19th century and efforts making in cooperation with City Hall of Bydgoszcz regarding the renovation of other historic buildings in the area.

> Supporting local professional development through searching, in particular local specialists.

> Development and exhibition of the information board in Jachnice Disctrict, showing the history of this area of Bydgoszcz.

> Eco-garden? Yes! Fractal gives their employees an opportunity to have a special place in the green area of ​​the headquarters for their own eco-garden, where they can plant their favorite eco-crops.

> Sponsorship of a series of concerts “Bydgoszcz Musicians in Homage …” organized at the City Culture Center in Bydgoszcz.

Your chance

Constantly expanding horizons, we are regularly seeking for new members of our team.

Try yourself and join us!

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